8 theorems of Investment

  • Lansden Rule

Lansden’s rule: When climbing up, be sure to keep the ladder clean, otherwise it may slip when you come down.

Presenter: American management scientist Lansden.

Interpretation: You always give yourself a retreat, don’t rush to the top regardless of the strength.

  • Luvis’s theorem

Luvis’s theorem: Modesty is not to think badly of oneself, but to think nothing of oneself

Presenter: American psychologist Louvis.

Interpretation: If you think too well, it is easy to think of others badly.

  • Tolede theorem

Tolede’s theorem:  to judge whether a person is intelligent or not, and only see whether he can hold two opposing thoughts in his mind as the same time.

Presenter: French psychologist Tolede,

Interpretation: Smart people can apply a variety of ideas, but stupid people cannot understand.

  • Hedgehog theory

The hedgehogs are close to each other to warm up when it is cold, but keep a certain distance to avoid stabbing each other.

Interpretation: People must also keep a certain distance from each other’s interactions. In fact, “intimacy” will affect each other’s impressions to a certain extent, and distance will produce beauty.

  • Stantan theorem

Stantan’s theorem: The less you say, the more you hear.

Presenter: American psychologist Sinathan.

Interpretation: Listening to others and learning more where you don’t understand can better express yourself.

  • Fisno’s theorem

Fisno’s theorem: A person has two ears but only one mouth, meaning that people should listen less.

Presenter: Fesino, President and General Manager of United Airlines.

Interpretation: Misfortunes come out, think twice before thinking.

  • Gigler’s theorem

Gigler’s theorem: Except for life itself, there is no talent to exercise.

Presenter: American training expert Gigler.

Interpretation: Smart people should not be self-sufficient, and mediocre people do not belittle yourself. Talent can be proficiency after training, people can become more and more mature after tempering. This is especially true for investment and financial management. A failure is not equal to the failure of a lifetime. If you try to enrich yourself, you will be successful.

  • Beauty means nice effect

For a handsome and beautiful person, it is easy for people to mistakenly think that his or her other aspects are also very good.

Presenter: American psychologist Daniel.

Interpretation: Is appearance important? Too important! No one is obliged to see your beautiful heart through your embarrassing appearance. You can’t change your appearance, but the external temperament and wearing is important. The hair is neat, the face is clean, the dress is clean and tidy, it can be a good impression, and it will have twice result with half the effort.