Foods are good for Men


1, Garlic

We all know that garlic has a very strong bactericidal ability. Garlic can also help the absorption of vitamin B1, promote the metabolism of sugar, produce energy, and relieve fatigue. Another effect of garlic is to enhance the body’s immunity. The selenium compound contained in it has a strong anti-oxidation effect and has a certain positive effect on cancer prevention.

2, Oyster

As you age, the quality and quantity of men’s sperm are declining. Male semen contains a lot of zinc. If the body lacks zinc, the quantity and vitality of sperm will be affected. Seafood, clams, shrimps and crabs are rich in zinc. The zinc content in a oyster can meet the nutritional needs of one day (15mg), which is helpful for improving male sexual ability.

3, Oatmeal

Nuts, oats, and vegetable oils all contain vitamin E, which can improve lipid metabolism, prevent cholesterol from accumulating in the blood vessel wall, and prevent arteriosclerosis and delay aging. Among them, oats are rich in soluble cellulose, which can clear cholesterol, thereby protecting men’s blood vessels and heart, reducing the incidence of hypertension and stroke.

4, Deep sea fish

Now the age of patients with hypertension tend to younger. Omega-3 fatty acids in deep-sea fish can reduce blood viscosity, help blood vessels to dilate, lower triglycerides, etc. Deep-sea fish rich in omega-3 fatty acids mainly include squid, saury, grouper, etc. Men may wish to eat alternately, if possible, eat twice a week.

5, Tomato

Lycopene can remove free radicals from the prostate and improve the ability of the prostate to resist disease. An adult can eat 100~200g of tomato a day to meet the nutritional needs of the body. It should be noted that the tomatoes must be cooked, so the nutrients are more easily absorbed by the body.

6, Beans

Men tend to prefer meat, but eating a lot of meat increases the burden on the kidneys, and the risk of cardiovascular diseases and malignant tumors increases. Therefore, men should learn to eat light diets, especially to reduce the amount of animal fats and total cooking oil. In addition, when you eat pork, you may want to mix some soy products, because lecithin in soy products can make cholesterol and fat particles smaller and prevent thrombosis.

7, Fresh dates

Men need work and family to take care of them, so they will be in a state of high pressure for a long time, and they need to supplement their nutrition. People who are often in a state of high pressure can eat 3-5 fresh dates every day to supplement vitamin C and resist fatigue. In addition to fresh dates, foods rich in vitamin C include oranges, kiwis, oranges, broccoli, and asparagus.