Four ways to improve your sleep quality


High quality of sleep not only makes people feel good next day, but also good for health. A few ways to improve sleep, just do 4 small things before going to bed, you can have good sleep.

  • Walking

The National Sleeping Society of the United States pointed out that when the body temperature rises during walking, the human brain will get a signal to lower the body temperature, and the lower body temperature will relax people, thus promoting sleep. But if walking is too close to sleep, it is not enough to cool the body. Therefore, it is best to walk to before 3 hours going to bed. For example, at 10 o’clock in the evening, you can go out for a walk around 7 o’clock. Walking during this time period is conducive to promoting the blood circulation of the whole body, and can also relieve the emotions.

  • Rub the feed

Bathing feet before going to bed have a good health effect, but rubbing the feed before going to bed is very powerful. It can promote blood circulation, relax muscles and balance, and balance yin and yang.

Specific method: first soak the feet with warm water at 40 °C for 20 minutes, then hold the left front part of the left hand with your left hand, and rub it up and down 100 times with your right hand to reach the fever of the foot. Then use your right hand to hold the right foot and use your left hand to rub up and down the foot 100 times. The strength of the cockroach should be comfortable.

Note: Do not wash your feet with cold water.

  • Combing hair

Combing hair is healthy. If a female can insist on combing his hair every day before going to bed, she can get twice the result with half the effort. Ancient medical scientists have found that there are more acupuncture points on the head. Through combing, they can play a massage and stimulation role, and can calm the liver, open the sacred spirit, and relieve pain and eyesight. Especially for women, sticking to the hair can smooth the flow, clear the blood flow to the head, nourish the hair and prevent hair loss.

Method: When combing the hair, you should comb the whole head. No matter the middle or both sides of the head, you should comb from the hair of the forehead to the hair root of the back of the neck. Each part should be combed at least 50 times to have the effect above. It is best to use a horn comb, a jade comb, and a wooden comb. You can also comb directly with your fingers, but be careful not to scratch your skin.

  • Drink honey milk

According to research by medical experts, milk contains l-tryptophan which promotes sleep. Drinking milk with honey before 1 hour going to bed can help sleep. Honey helps maintain blood sugar balance throughout the night, thus avoiding early waking, especially for older people who are often insomnia.