Taylor Swift’s tour movie grossed over $200 million, making it one of the most profitable movies of the year


Currently, “Taylor Swift: The Age of Concert Tour” ranks first in the box office of concert movies in film history. The original record holder was “Justin Bieber: Never Say Die” with a box office of US$99 million. In addition, “Taylor Swift: The Age of Concert Tour” is also scheduled to be released in multiple theaters around the world on November 3, which will further increase the box office.

The film has also become one of the most profitable films in 2023, with a production cost of only US$15 million. This expenditure can be regarded as a “clean stream” in Hollywood, where film production costs are becoming increasingly expensive. It is reported that “Barbie” and “Super Mario Bros. Movie” are the two most profitable movies this year, with box office receipts of US$1.44 billion and US$1.36 billion respectively, while their production costs were US$145 million and US$100 million respectively. Around USD.