What is family finance?

financial planning happy family mother father and children with piggy Bank at home

Family finance refers to the analysis of the family’s financial situation, combined with the macroeconomic situation, to design a reasonable portfolio of assets and financial goals for the family. Family finance is also an economic activity that manages its own wealth and thus enhances the effectiveness of wealth.

The goal of family investment and financial management:

First, how to continuously create and accumulate family assets;

Second, how to successfully carry out assets transfer safety after a lifetime of hard work.

We usually call creating wealth, retaining wealth, and transferring wealth. From making money to me, I want to be rich all my life, and I will be rich for generations.

 Marriage plan: Two people work hard and do a happy financial planning together

The education plan is mainly divided into two aspects, one is the child education plan. The other is the follow-up education plan of the couple.


Buying a house and car plan, it means a lot of money is needed. The implementation of these two plans must be implemented according to the actual situation, and can be leveraged in an affordable situation, but it must be noted whether the income cash flow can completely cover the debt.

Investment plan: When household savings slowly increase, we must consider maintaining value and increasing value

There are always some interest rates in the bank, but in addition to saving, there are many investment opportunities that are equally safe, with high yields, such as large deposit certificates and guaranteed wealth management. In the case of affordable risks, you can moderately participate in high-risk and high-yield investments, such as funds and stocks.

Insurance plans, for the safety and stability of personal and family life, the plan of insurance plans is necessary, mainly to improve family risk prevention capabilities, and to play a role in transferring risks. Although insurance is expenditure in the short term, it has shifted risks in the long run, which can make the family wealth plan more durable and stable, so that the family wealth plan can be completed as expected.

Skills of Family investment and financial management

  1. Planned consumption, forced savings

You can make a good budget for consumption in advance, including weekly and monthly expenditure budgets, and try to plan expenditures and consumption according to the budget. More and more young people are getting used to “advance consumption”: if you don’t have money, you can borrow it and even use “cash credit.” You thought that the interest of a few dozens of pieces was a small amount of money. Finally you found out that I worked for Alipay and the credit card company in one year.

It takes money for business, and money needs money. In the case where daily life is not affected, try to take a part of the income and save it as the starting capital so that you can roll up the snowball of wealth.

Reasonable matching, diversifying investment risks

Investment is risky, but the risks can be dealt with. The easiest way to deal with is to diversify investment risks and reduce investment risks.

I believe everyone has heard that “Do not put eggs in a basket”, but this does not mean that even if you buy ten different stocks, even if you are diversified, you need to continue to learn and train, and you need to be able to consult professionals. , reduce the mistakes in your investment.

Moderate investment

To make money, investment is essential, but not all. Moderation is very important.

For short-term unused money, you can make long-term investments with relatively high returns. This part of the investment needs to be persistent and not risky for high-yield. Short-term unused cash can make a sound and capital-saving financial investment, maintain cash flow and flexibility.

Rational investment is very important

Always thinking about the investment of riches overnight, it is not an investment at all, it is more speculation, or simply “gamble.” If you always invest in this kind of mentality, you can’t be long-term, because investors can’t ensure that this kind of luck will always fall on their own. For family finance, safety is more important than income. If money is lost, you can earn it again. Don’t seek to “get rich overnight” and put family wealth under the dangerous wall.